Looking for leprechaun costumes?

Pssst.Well hello there i mean top of the morning to ya!
Consider yourself lucky fella as you have just found yourself a lucky leprechaun to help ya find yer pot of gold.
Allow my to introduce you to the leprachaun forest and indeed you look lost fellow i can give you a big clue to where you will find yourself te pot of cold.
But first allow me to tell you me name they call me: Simmus Goldleaf and guess what iam one of the lucky Leprechauns so
by rights since you found me i have to give you hints for finding te pot of gold and the right Leprechaun costume to find it.
Now fellow i have told you my name to build trust with you as you know many of us Leprechauns like do like playing jokes on you humans lol but heck i have had humans come by the Leprechaun forest trying to fool us by using leprechauns costumes but i promise i wont be playing any nasty jokes on you as you have done well just to get this far plus finding me and anyway us leprechaun could do with some entertainment around here seeing you humans trying to find our pot of gold and dressing up as one of us should be a right laughwith our great leprechaun costumes for men women kids your toddler maybe even your dog or maybe even the evil leprechaun costume.
Anyway fella i will point you in the right direction you need to make it to the centre of the forest that shall be your first task id say your south west at the moment so use your best judgement.
Once you get there you must pick which leprechaun costume you will wear only by picking the best one will you be shown the way to the pot of cold as your lucky Irish leprechaun i must tell you to not venture too far east especially near saint patricks day as that leads to the lost woods if you go there i cannot help you but iam sure you wont be stupid enough to venture there as just on the outskirts of the lost woods lives the Evil leprechaun i dont know his name all i know is he is very scary looking i dont recommend you go there and take any of his evil leprechaun costume ideas but if you really must dont come looking for me to help you escape from him.

Welcome To The Forest Centre.

Hello fella Simmus Goldleaf here if your going to spend some time picking your favorite leprechaun costume so you can find your pot of gold then you will be spending some time in the leprechaun forest centre i think its best i tell ya abit about us leprechauns since youll be spending some time here picking that special magical leprechaun costume.

Us Leprechaun creatures are in the old Irish mythology we like to count our gold many times as its fun hehe ok sorry ill stop tempting you with me gold.
We Irish leipreacháns are said to be a type of fairy in old Irish folklore usually taking the form of an old man normaly wearing a red or green coat and we enjoy partaking in much mischief.

Like some other fairy creatures the leprechauns have been linked to the Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish mythology.
Its said the little leprechauns spend all their time busily making shoes and store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of a beautiful full rainbow hmm have you spotted a rainbow around here yet?

If good sir or madam we are ever to be captured by a human we leprechauns may show you our magical powers if we even do have any that is hmmm, but of course this also depends on you we are said to grant a human three wishes
in exchange for you giving us our freedom back but doesnt that play on your consious at all? I mean keeping a poor defenceless leprechaun in your clutches just so we are forced to grant you wishes? Dont you think your being cruel? maybe… if not you should go visit the evil lepreachaun near the outskirts of the lost woods but iam sure you will find the evil leprechaun costume before he finds you, well if your lucky good old saint patrick saves you. 
Unfortunately i guess humans have a better chance of finding a leprechaun then a genie since there are many more of us then there is of them so sometimes humans may try to track us down so they can force thier wishes apon us what would you wish for if you had 3 wishes?

 I hope one of your wishes would be to have the finest leprechaun fancy dress costume ever hmm but most likely you greedy humans wouldn’t wish for that would you?
Well its funny you look for us often times in the lost woods all i can say is good luck finding anything in that mysterious forest even we dont venture in there its to risky heck even the Evil Leprechaun doesnt venture there he just lives on the outskirts of the entrance hes got a habit of bullying other creatures who try to get into the lost woods especially those elf people I think you truly would need some sort of very special leprechaun costume to help you in the lost woods we think the evil Leprechaun just hangs near the forest edge to make himself seem more dangerous as even he wouldnt step into the woods. Some say he may be being used to secretly guard a forest temple i dont see why though because iam sure that place would drive your sanity insane. 

Anyway the most Popular depictions of leprechauns show us to being no taller than a small human child yet normaly with beards and a hat.

The name leprechaun is derived from the Irish word leipreachán defined by Patrick Dinneen as a pigmy, further derivation is less certain according to most sources the word is thought to be a  corruption of Middle Irish luchrupán from the Old Irish luchorp.

Other alternative spellings in English have included leprehaun and lepreehawn some more modern Irish books use the spelling lioprachán.

The earliest known reference to the leprechaun appears in the medieval tale known as the Echtra Fergus mac Léti or in other words Adventure of Fergus son of Léti.
The story contains an episode in which Fergus the King of Ulster falls asleep on the beach and wakes to find himself being strangely dragged into the sea by three lúchorpáins but he captures them instead and if you guess that he gets three wishes for their release youd be right.

The leprechaun creature is said to be a solitary creature whose occupation is making and mending shoes which sounds rather boring but trust good old Simmus Goldleaf we do enjoy practical jokes and especially
sometimes on humans haha in the morning of saint patricks day we often like causing trouble heck you might even see some of us during Halloween hehe.

According to William Butler Yeats our vast wealth comes from the treasure crocks buried in old war times but of course we will never tell if this is true or not.

The Appearance of us leprechauns originally had a different appearance depending on where in Ireland he was found i also think different leprechauns had different amounts of gold it was generally told that the leprechauns wore red and not green.
Samuel Lover writing in 1831 describes the leprechauns as wearing a red square-cut coat a cocked hat, shoes and buckles.

But According to Yeats the leprechaun costume to wear was red jackets, the leprechaun’s jacket had seven rows of buttons on it but on the western coast he says the red jacket is covered by a frieze and in Ulster he wears a cocked hat.

It is said that when Leprechauns are up to anything unusually mischievous we leap on to a wall and do spins balancing ourselfs on the point of our hats with our heels in the air.

Anyway these Leprechaun costumes could very well vary in different regions some say Leprechauns are military men and that the green leprechaun costume represents leprechaun troops, well you see the Northern Leprechaun or Logheryman wore a military red coat and white breeches with a broad-brimmed high pointed hat, on which he would sometimes stand upside down on.. crazy eh?

As said before folk traditions hold that the leprechauns are descended from the Tuatha de Danann and when the Milesians came to Ireland according to the Book of the Invasions they conquered the Tuatha de Danann and forced them to live under ground, could this be a clue to where your pot of cold is hidden? But didnt i say it could be found at the end of the rainbow? or does the rainbow mark the spot? Hmm so many questions… will you truly be able to ever find the right leprechaun costume to solve the puzzle and claim your pot of gold hehe. Well they say leprechauns are neither good or evil creatures so what are we exactly.

The clurichaun is considered by many to be merely a leprechaun on a drinking spree which gives us Irish Leprechauns yours truly Simmus Goldleaf a perfect excuse to go drink some of that golden coloured beer after putting on my fancy dress and finding a good woman to dance with.

In politics of the Republic of Ireland leprechauns have been used to refer the bad aspects of the tourist industry in Ireland this can be seen from John A. Costello’s example addressing the Oireachtas in 1963 “For many years we were afflicted with the miserable trivialities of our tourist advertising.
Sometimes it descended to the lowest depths to the caubeen and the shillelagh, not to speak of the leprechaun.
Hmm well honestly girls and boys  here in the forest centre we encourage you to talk of the leprechaun but more importantly the leprechaun costume for yourself or maybe for the wife iam sure the kids would love one the child may even find himself a Leprechaun but if you dont speak then you might not get any Leprechaun costume advise from the others.

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